Double Outcome In Bets – What Is It, How It Works

Bookmakers offer a wide range of possible sporting events in 96ace online casino. And each of them has its own betting strategies, with different results and odds. And today we will talk about this type of bet as a bet on a double outcome X2.

What is a double outcome in a sweepstakes

What does this concept mean? A bet on a double outcome is a bet where a player bets on two possible outcomes at once. These can be the following outcomes: X1, 12, 2X. Where:

  1. X1 – The first team wins or a draw.
  2. 12 – Win or loss of any team. It should be noted that in this variant of a double outcome there can be no draw, only a productive outcome.
  3. 2X – Second team wins or draws.

Bets of this type have lower odds than bets on one result, but they are more reliable. Therefore, they are often chosen by those players who want to reduce possible risks and stay in positive territory with two results.

An important feature of double bets is their limited use. They can be used only in those sports where three variants of the event are possible: win, loss, draw. Accordingly, individual sports such as tennis, badminton, swimming, wrestling and the like are not suitable for this type of bets. Using overtime to determine the winner in some sports also eliminates the possibility of double betting on them.

It is reasonable to use a double bet in games between opponents of approximately equal class, where the result of the match is not obvious. For an increased chance of winning, you will have to pay with a reduced odds compared to a bet on one result.

How to win double bets

It is impossible to guarantee the desired result in the game, unless you are an insider. Since this is unlikely, you can only try to increase your chances of winning.

To do this, you should study the statistics of the previous ones between the teams, find out the places in the rating lists, and also look at the existing coefficients.

You shouldn’t make double bets in championships where opponents are unfamiliar to you. The game of “dark horses” can lead to the most unpredictable results that you cannot guess.

Double betting strategies

In addition to the previous tips for analyzing opponents, you can use various strategies for double betting.

One of the most popular strategies among bettors is a strategy called a “fork”.

Its essence lies in wagering on the opposite results of one sporting event. The meaning of the bet is that the bettor will remain in the black, regardless of how the teams play.

However, many professional players do not recommend using this strategy. This is due to the existing disadvantages of the strategy, which can cause trouble for the player.


  • Small coefficients compared to the main ones;
  • Finding suitable sporting events is not easy;
  • The risk of account blocking and account freezing by the bookmaker;

In conclusion

Thus, every bettor should choose the strategy and type of bets in which he is best guided.

In turn, a bet on a double outcome brings a small profit, but the risk of losing is significantly less. Therefore, it is online betting malaysia recommended to use it for novice betters in those matches where a game with three results is possible.